Friendly transactions

Building blocks for a collaborative society.


Make an impact

We envision a world in which products and services are shared, given and sold from person-to-person via mobile devices in real-time, and we're building the platform to make it happen. We believe transactions can become transformational. 

At Jip Apps, we build elegant solutions that matter to the world, things that solve real problems. We are on a mission to build tools with a meaningful impact on the way people interact with each other and society. 

We believe in an open, shared society and we are inviting fellow entrepreneurs to join us in this quest. We offer the soft and hard building blocks and we're eager to hear your story and cooperate to build the future. 

We’re a group of developers and entrepreneurs who believe we can change the world. We believe disruptive ideas have the power to solve fundamental challenges and make the world a better place. Let's get lost together. 

How we help

We would love to help you with our global network of of partners and suppliers to increase the impact of your concept.

We provide you with the technology stack and building blocks to get your collaborative solution life.

We provide advise and financial support to get your idea going. Get funded, either by one of our venture capital partners or our own fund.  

Distribution of apps

Growth per year

Bieblio, Elisehelpt, SpelioSjipp and more are using the jipio platform to power their applications. Are you next?

How you benefit

Get advice from experts in the sharing economy. Drill down to the essentials.

Shorten your time to launch. Only build what makes your idea special. Ship fast and often.

Build a responsive app on a scalable platform and worry about marketing and adoption.

Development time

Development costs

What we believe


We believe in mission, in having a goal, something you will change, something that gets you out of your bed each day. Star with why. Jipio is a member of

Distributed systems

We strongly believe in distributed systems and we believe technology can play an essential role to unlock this potential. 

MPRL (Meet People In Real Life)

Amazing things happen in real-life. The internet cannot replace real-life interactions; it is only a tool that supports them.

Permanent Beta

Jipio is an ongoing experiment with a lean startup approach. Release early, fail often, learn by doing and iterate.


We want collaborative lifestyles to go viral, and believe that this can only be achieved if work is as fun and creative as play.


We are happy to work with companies on individual projects, but do not enter exclusive partnerships of any kind that could compromise our independence. 


We don’t like talk without action. When you have a great idea, don’t wait for others to execute. Build something yourself from day one and let people join you!


Our mission is stated as “empowering the collaborative society”. Maximum impact in doing this is what ultimately guides our actions.


Who we play with