Jipio, share and trade with frieds, launches a new version

Jipio is a platform for friendly transactions. A marketplace for friends to trade and borrow stuff with each other.

Many of us have lots of things that we don’t need, but are too valuable to us to throw away. To sell, though, is not an option, especially to total strangers on Craigslist or Ebay. 

Jipio is different. It connects friends through social networks, creating room for friendly transactions. This app makes it easy to snap, tag and add items. And, in contrast to current marketplaces, Jipio does not force the user into making one kind of transaction. For example, you might be happy to lend something but not ready to sell it yet. You can then easily set up a 'lend' status for that particular item and see which friends are interested.

Jipio, turning everyday transactions into meaningful encounters.

Currently Jipio is available on iOS and as a web app.