Jipio is a platform for the sharing economy.

With Jipio, Jip Apps is building a platform for friendly transactions. A platform to help consumers (or firms) to grant each other temporary access to their under-utilized physical assets ("idle capacity"), possibly for money. 

Jipio connects friends through social networks, creating room for friendly transactions. In contrast to current marketplaces, Jipio does not force the user into making one kind of transaction. For example, you might be happy to lend something but not ready to sell it yet. You can then easily set up a 'lend' status for that particular item and see which friends are interested.

Jipio for Developers

With the Jipio API you can easily build and scale your sharing application and tap into the rich platform and partners of Jipio.

Jipio gives you full control over your application and comes with differentiating contexts, permanent and temporary transactions and filter and sort options.

Join the movement. Contact our CEO, Johan Trip atjohan@jipapps.com.